Student Handbook



The Coast Unified School District (CUSD) retains sole right of possession of the Chromebook and related equipment. The Chromebook will be issued to students according to the guidelines set forth in this document. The classroom teacher, school administration, or district employee retains the right to collect and/or inspect the Chromebook at any time and to alter, add or delete installed software or hardware. Usage is a privilege and not a right.

The Student is permitted to alter or add files to customize the assigned Chromebook to their own working styles (i.e. System Preferences). The student is not permitted to remove the Profile installed on the assigned Chromebook. Immediately report any damage or loss to Ms. Sutherland, who will determine necessary action. The Chromebook is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects. An insurance policy is available for a fee from a third party provider. Insurance can cover accidental damage from liquid spills, power surges, drops, falls, collisions, theft (police report required), vandalism, flood, fire, smoke, wind, and earthquake, as well as damage to batteries and ac adapters. Insurance may not cover loss, negligence and abuse. For example, throwing the Chromebook or using the Chromebook as an umbrella would be considered examples of neglect and abuse. If a Chromebook or device is lost, stolen or damaged by neglect or abuse, it is the family’s financial responsibility to replace the device at a price of approximately $300.00.

Student Responsibilities Include:

●   Bring the Chromebook fully charged to school every day.
●   Keep the Chromebook with you at all times.
●   Do not let anyone other than your parents or guardians use the Chromebook.
●   Adhere to Coast Unified School District’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) at all times.
●   Report any problems, damage or theft immediately.
●   Do not do anything to the Chromebook that will permanently alter it in any way.
●   Do not remove any serial numbers or identification placed on the Chromebook.
●   Keep the equipment clean. For example, do not eat or drink while using the Chromebook.
●   Avoid extended use of the Chromebook while resting directly on your lap. 
●   Take frequent breaks when using the Chromebook for long periods of time. 
●   Do not provide your personal information to anyone over the Internet.
●   Do not share your passwords with anyone.
●   Keep the Chromebook in a secure location when it is not at school.

The Chromebook and power cord are provided to the student through State, District and Federal funds at no cost to the student.  Prior to checking out the equipment listed above, the District is asking you to sign this acceptable use document. Student placed on restrictive use must only use Chromebook on the school’s campus during days of regular instruction. Student must retrieve a Chromebook prior to the start of regular instruction and return it at the end of each instructional day. Students who violate one or more of the conditions below may, at the Principal’s or District’s discretion, be placed on Restricted Use (minimum 1 month) until the student’s Principal determines student has satisfied the conditions for non-restrictive use as specified by the Principal. 

Reasons for placing a student on Restrictive Use include the following:

●   Excessive damage
●   Excessive loss
●   Non-acceptance of user agreements
●   Excessive interruptions in service due to repair of local modifications
●   Violation of Board of Education Policies and/ or Administrative Regulations (Chromebook is considered an instructional material and subject to damaged or Lost Instructional materials found in Board Policy: Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials 6161.1)
●   Violation of  CUSD Student Acceptable Use Policy
●   Inappropriate, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, or illegal material found on Chromebook
●   Violating Standards for Personal Chromebook Care
●   Repeated failure to bring to class daily/failure to bring charged