Student Handbook


Concurrent College Enrollment

It is the intent of the Board of Trustees to provide opportunities for advancement for interested students.  Therefore, a student, with parent, counselor, and principal approval, may enroll in a college course.  College courses may only be used to fill elective credit requirements unless the student is taking the course in order to advance to the next course in that department. Example:  a student may take Algebra II at Cuesta in order to advance to Math Analysis the following semester at Coast.  All other course requirements (i.e. four years English, four years social science, three years math, three years science, two years PE, one year vocational education, one year of a fine art or foreign language, and one semester of computers) must be completed at Coast.  To enroll in a college class, the student must complete an admissions application for the college and a High School Enrichment form (includes parent, student and counselor signatures).  Community College applications may be completed online.  Enrichment forms may be obtained from the counselor. If the student wishes to receive high school credit, he/she must provide the registrar with a report card or transcript showing the final grade. If the course is to be used to meet department credit, the student must enroll in and complete the next course in the sequence at Coast.  If this is not done, the college course will be used for elective credit and not department credit. CUHS offers dual enrollment classes with Cuesta College. Students enrolled in Career and Global Studies with  a "C" or better will receive 3 units of college credit.