Student Handbook


Graduation Requirements

Credits: Graduates of Coast are required to earn 310 credits. Credit is awarded for the successful completion of semester courses with a grade of ‘D’ or better, at the rate of 5 credits per class, per semester.

Subject Requirements - 185 credits
•    Social Science - 40 credits (including World History, U.S. History, and Government/Economics)
•    English - 40 credits (including English I and II or equivalent)
•    Mathematics - 30 credits (including Algebra I)
•    Science - 30 credits (Biology or alternate approved by the principal and one year of Physical science)
•    Foreign Language and/or Visual and Performing Arts - 10 credits 
•    Vocational Education - 15 credits, 5 of which must be computer literacy
•    Physical Education - 20 credits (must be taken in 9th & 10th grade)

Elective Credits - 125 credits

Courses taken from the subject areas listed above will be used as elective credits once the subject area requirement has been met.