Student Handbook



Possession of electronic devices (cell phones, iPads, personal laptops, etc) are allowed on school grounds, but are subject to the teacher’s individual classroom rules.  Students bring all electronic devices to school at their own risk. Students shall be allowed to possess and use electronic devices while under supervision of the school with the following parameters:

•    Electronic devices are to be turned off and put away upon arriving to class or before entering any school building. 
•    Authorization for student possession or use of an electronic device may be revoked by the administration for inappropriate student use. 
•    Coast Unified and CUHS assume no liability for the damage or theft of electronic devices. 
•    Students are expected to comply immediately with the direction of any school official to cease the use of an electronic device on campus or at a school sponsored activity. 
•    The recording of a teacher, staff member, or student, without their consent, is a violation of the California Educational Code. Any student participating in such action will be subject to an appropriate consequence. 
•    No laser lights of any kind are permitted on campus at any time. Penal code section 417.27 prohibits the possession of laser pointers on elementary and secondary campuses. 
•    Failure to comply with this policy may result in confiscation of the electronic device by school personnel and additional consequences. NOTE: Students should keep a list of all serial numbers for personal items they may bring to school.