Student Handbook


University Entrance Requirements

Eligibility for admission to California State University and University of California campuses is based on a combination of the grade point average and scores on the college entrance examination(s). This combination is called the “eligibility index.” While both UC and CSU use the GPA for courses taken in grades 10 and 11 only to determine eligibility for admission, the grades for all college prep classes taken in grades 9 through 12 are entered on the admission application. It is, therefore, extremely important that students work hard and take their freshman and sophomore years seriously.  Students who are committed to attending a four-year university the fall after high school graduation should take college prep English, math, science and social science all four years and the same foreign language at least two years. Dropping college prep classes to have a “light” senior year may seriously damage chances for admission. For individual college entrance requirements see the school’s website or Ms. Stenbeck for more information.