Student Handbook


Work Permits

The Governing Board recognizes that part-time employment can provide students with income, job experience, and
valuable life skills and should be permitted to the extent that such employment does not interfere with a student's
education. Before accepting any offer of employment, district students who are minors shall obtain work permits
from the Superintendent or designee, regardless of whether the employment will occur when school is in session
and/or not in session, unless otherwise exempted by law.

In determining whether to grant or continue a work permit, the Superintendent or designee shall consider whether
employment is likely to significantly interfere with the student's schoolwork. Students granted work permits shall be
required to demonstrate and maintain a 2.0 grade point average and satisfactory school attendance, except during
periods of extended school closure due to an emergency as described in Education Code 49200 and the
accompanying administrative regulation. On a case-by-case basis, the Superintendent or designee may approve a
maximum work hour limit that is lower than the limit specified in law and administrative regulation.
Students with work permits may be exempted from attendance in a full-time day school provided they attend parttime
classes. (Education Code 48230)

Work permits shall be limited to part-time employment as defined by law, except when the Superintendent or
designee determines that circumstances warrant the granting of a permit for full-time employment.
Any student authorized to work full time when school is in session shall be enrolled in part-time continuation classes.
A student age 14 or 15 who receives a permit to work full time shall also be enrolled in a work experience education
program. (Education Code 49130, 49131, 49135)